We offer the most advanced technology in Cryotherapy 360. The purpose of cryotherapy is to freeze body fat and expel the frozen fat from the body through human metabolism to achieve the effect of shaping and losing weight. Cryotherapy decreases the temperature of tissue surface to minimize hypotic cell death, edema accumulation, and muscle spasms, all of which ultimately alleviate discomfort and inflammation. Our service provides cryotherapy and shockwave therapy which has been proven to significantly decrease the cellulite and water retention.

Shockwaves trigger biological effects which lead to faster and long-term healing and regeneration of the tissue. The combination of the Shockwave and Cryolipolysis makes weight loss more effective. It has been clinically proven that cyro can reduce fat by 26% in one course of treatment. With the shockwave treatment, the weight loss effect is increased by 33%.