Microblading is a great solution for correcting these common eyebrow issues:

  • -Thinning Brows
  • -Thyroid imbalance, which typically causes hair loss on the outside of the brow area
  • -Alopecia, which causes total eyebrow hair loss
  • -Blonde or gray brow hairs that seem to disappear

Not only will it affect natural hair growth. The brow hair that is present, can remain on top of the microblade pigment to create a natural layered effect and add density to brows that are thin or too light to be visible. The ideal result is to create eyebrows that best enhance our client’s features, and look as natural as possible.

The process involves using a semi-permanent technique during which a small handheld tool comprised of several tiny needles is used to implant pigment into the skin

It is used to create, enhance, or reshape the appearance of eyebrows in terms of both shape and color by depositing pigment into the upper region of the epidermis; so it fades more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposits pigment deeper into the dermis

Microblading cuts down on daily preparation time! Many women spend up to 30 minutes a day applying makeup to their brows. After a microblading procedure, you will wake up with makeup! No more daily hassle of gels, powders, and pencils. Your brows will be ready when you are.