New! New! IMAGE Vitamin C Signature Facelift/Peel Facial

Image has been in the industry for 17 years. It is the #1 most sold skin care line in the world and we are now offering this in our relaxing and amazing facials at Go and Flirt Spa. Call or text us to schedule your appointment at (954) 955-0080.

Indications: Redness prone, dry/dehydrated, unbalanced, and aging skin.

New beginnings at Go and Flirt Spa.

I would like to introduce you our newly renovated Go and Flirt Spa . We are officially re-opening this following Monday, May 18th. Please give us a call to schedule your appointment bookings are filling up quickly!! Thank you everyone for your support and stay safe!  (954) 955-0080

Covid-19 safety measures…..

We are taking all necessary measures for the safety of our clients. Besides the masks, face shields, and gloves our team will be wearing, we have installed safety screens for enhanced social distancing and we will be measuring temperature of our staff members and patrons. I also would like to mention that we are going to have a rug in the entry for my clients to swipe their shoes that will have disinfectant on the rug to prevent to spread of the virus, and we also, going to provide hand sanitizer at the entry as well. 

            We are going to announce the opening soon and we will be giving you more details via social media: Facebook, Instagram, twitter and e-mails.

We are working hard for our client’s safety!

As our new beginning is coming soon, the renovation is almost done! We are just waiting for further notice from the government to allow us to open our salon soon. We also would like to mention that part of our new renovation is adding a new nail technicians to our team. starting with us in this new beginning. We are extending our team for a better service!

We will be giving you more details very soon via social media: Facebook, Instagram, twitter and E-mails.

Thank so so much for your comprehension and support. Be safe!

Wendy Rodrich,


Ultrasonic Facial

What is an UltraSonic Facial?

An Ultrasonic Facial is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe for all types of skin conditions from acne or rosacea to mature skin. This treatment has amazing results; promoting skin collagen, skin thightning, improves the circulation; thus, eliminates toxins and water retention. Ultrasonic Facial is also recomended for sensitive skin which will benefit from this treatment. This treatment will help you achieve clear, radiant, more youthful looking skin without the redness and irritation that can sometimes result from microdermabrasion or AHA peels. 

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